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Low Profile Radiator Fan

29th Oct 2012

Schnitz Racing Low Profile Sportbike Radiator Fan

Schnitz Racing Low Profile Radiator Fan for Sportbikes and UTVs

Schnitz Racing's Low-Profile Radiator Fan helps keep everything from hot-running stock motors to heavy-breathing hot rods cool in sizzling summer traffic or in the heat of drag-strip competition.

Packing 10 curved blades in a 7.5 in. wingspan, the fan blows up to 1100 cubic feet per minute, propelling more air than most stock fans. The injection-molded plastic blades are reversible to adjust flow. With a profile only 2.5 in. thick, it is 8.25 in. wide and weighs just 1.8 lbs. The Schnitz blower can be used as a bike's primary cooling unit, mounted in tight confines beside its stock fan as a secondary fan that doubles the breeze, or attached to a custom radiator.

These work great on the ZX-14 (06-11) and Hayabusa (99-07) as a secondary fan!

Engineered for universal fitment to most motorcycle radiators, the kit comes with brackets, lock collars and insulation that secures the fan directly to radiators via four mounting holes spaced 6 in. apart.

The Schnitz fan works with 12- to 15- volt power supplies, draws just 3 amps and can be configured to spin up automatically by thermostat or switched on manually to provide constant airflow in stop-and-go traffic or the burnout box.

In a world where efficient cooling is directly proportional to consistent horsepower output and long engine life, Schnitz's small, lightweight fan helps avoid engine damage from overheating during low-airflow operation and increase fuel mileage.



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