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Fuel System


The fuel injected Suzuki Hayabusa is a monster in stock form, but who leaves a 'busa stock? Big bore, long stroke, nitrous and turbos are now the norm for this motorcycle. One thing that is easily overlooked is the fuel system. We get too caught up in displacement and horsepower that we forget that fuel is required to make that power.

The Gen 1 Hayabusa (99-07) fuel system can only support 240hp normally asspirated and about 220 horsepower with nitrous or turbo charger. Larger injectors, billet fuel rail and a good fuel pump are required to make any more power than that.

The Gen 2 (08+) Hayabusa can only safely handle about 250hp before the stock fuel pump starts to loose the flow battle. Upgrading to a new pump will allow 300+ with stock injectors.