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ECU Reflashing


The Kawasaki ZX14 has always been "held back" by a controlled and slow opening of the secondary throttle blades, or commonly called the "butterflys". Many Gen 1 (2006-2011) owners found that by removing them, throttle response increased along with low and midrange power. But, many would strip out the small phillips head screws that held them in place and that really caused a pickle of a situation. Also peak horsepower would drpp slightly due to turbulence in the intake caused by the secondary throttle blade shaft still being in place, but without a blade to help guide the air around it smoothly

In 2012 the new ZX14R has also restricted by the secondary throttle blades, but it also has a much more sophisticated ECU to control them and everything else engine related. The "Safety Mode" within the ECU is a very restricted set of tables that reduces the secondary throttle blade openings and retards the ignition timing. This mode is entered whenever a number of scenarios are met, including very hard acceleration. Simply removing the blades on these models does little to remedy the problem.

Our ECU Reflashing eliminates these restrictions along with the top speed limiter for racing use only. We also increase the engine rev limiter by 500 RPM to allow you to shift past peak power RPM which increases acceleration. Click on your ZX14 year below for more information on all the features included.