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ECU Reflashing - Questions and Answers

What is ECU Reflashing?  ECU stands for "Engine Control Unit." It is the computer that takes information from the various sensors on the engine like crankshaft RPM, manifold pressure and throttle position to determine how much fuel to deliver through the fuel injectors and when to fire the ignition coils. The computer "chip" that is the heart of the ECU is usually an EEPROM -- an Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory chip. The Read Only part of that means the chip retains its programming without periodic electronic refreshing; loss of electrical power doesn't lead to the chip losing its programming (It's like the CMOS BIOS of a computer). "Flashing" the chip involves electronically erasing the read only program and replacing it with new, updated information (the engine control 'map').

How can you offer this at such a low price?  We have been tuning sport bikes for 15 years.  Our business is offering performance products for motorcycles.  If an ECU is programmed to limit power output of that engine, then our products performance will not meet your expectations.  We want to ensure you get all you can out of your purchase from us. Pulling the ECU data is no longer a “black science” limited to just a handful of computer wizards that have an exclusive on this technology and expect you to pay 3 or 4 times our price.  We’ve been doing this since 2006 on Suzuki sportbikes that were limited.  Now we have expanded to various other models.

How does your service differ from others? – Our reflashing services remove restrictions that the OEM's have programmed to meet government regulations and that reduce throttle response and power output for novice riders.  You are not purchasing a “lifetime” flashing subscription for services you won’t use.  While we do offer fuel table adjustments to match your exhaust system, we believe that you should have control over fuel adjustments with units such as Power Commanders that can be adjusted to match your specific needs.

Once I have my ECU Reflashed, can I remove my Power Commander? - Much of this depends on your particular application.  If you have basic bolt on changes to your bike, like an exhaust and air filter, then you will be able to remove your fuel controller.  If you have engine modifications, then we would recommend keeping the fuel controller installed and having the vehicle dyno tuned. 

I've had my bike custom tuned. Will I need to have it retuned? - Much of this depends on the make/model and the modifications to the engine. For most applications, retuning will not be required. However it is recommend that the ECU be reflashed first, then have the bike professionally tuned to ensure best performance.

I have a TRE on my bike now. Do I need to keep it or remove it? - A TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) was the original answer to answer to increasing performance on some sportbikes while eliminating the top speed restriction. Now we do all of these changes the correct way within the ECU so any TRE or top speed enhancer can be removed.

Will I get my ECU back from you, or a different one that has been reflashed? - We only flash your supplied ECU and send that unit back to you.

I've had my ECU reflashed, but my speedo still only shows a max speed of 186. Did my reflash not work? - OEM Digital Speedometers will only display a max speed of 186mph even if the vehicle exceeds those speeds.

My bike has a stumble or flat spot when I'm riding. Will the ECU Reflash fix this? - In short no. Hesitation, stumble or a flat spot is usually an indication of incorrect fueling at that RPM and load. 

I'm not sure if my ECU is working properly. Can you test ECU's? - No, we have not way of testing all of the inputs and outputs of OEM ECU's. When we connect to ECU's for reflashing, we only power the unit up and connect to programming connections on the ECU.

Can my ECU be reflashed back to stock? - Yes, we can reflash previously flashed ECU and return it to the stock configuration for a fee.

I'm getting an FI light on my dash. Will a reflash remove this? - In order to answer this, you must determine why the FI light is on. Refer to a service manual or contact your local dealer to do an inspection. Once you know the reason, you can go to your particular ECU Reflash Product Page and see if we are able to remove the FI light status for that issue. We do charge a small fee for each of these.

How much power will I gain? - This is very make/model specific. Our ECU Reflashing is designed to Un-restrict the ECU to allow full power potential with stock, modified, nitrous or turbo engines. Most power gains are usually felt at low to mid RPM range. Some models are also restricted at high RPM (such as the 2011 ZX-10R) and see and large peak HP gain.

Can you disable the ABS? (Antilock Braking System) - No. We are not able to disable the ABS system on any model.

 ECU Reflashing