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When the Suzuki Hayabusa debuted in 1999 it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world. It's 1299cc engine was the largest inline 4 cylinder production sport bike engine at the time and it's horsepower was record setting. It didn't take long for performance enthusiasts to start taking them apart and modifying the cylinder head and checking to see just what size piston they could fit into the sleeve-less cylinders. Larger camshafts and valves were soon to follow, along with cylinder and main bearing studs, cam chain tensioners and stroker crankshafts.

Jump ahead 10 years and the Gen 2 Hayabusa comes out swinging with many of the upgrades engine builders where doing on the Gen 1. Larger ports, lighter valves, higher lift cams and a 2mm stroker crankshaft pushed it to 1340cc. Even better was the fact that many of the aftermarket engine parts were interchangeable so these engine could be modified right away with performance parts that were on the shelf.