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Shift Lights

A shift light on your motorcycle is a great way to increase consistency and avoid the dreaded head in the windscreen - engine on the limiter - gear grinding situation that all of us have experienced. By using your peripheral vision and keeping your eyes on the road or track in front of you, you'll be more safe and aware of your surroundings.

Schnitz Racing offers a number of shift light options. Standalone shift lights that don't require any control boxes or "chips", to shift lights that are also data loggers like the Daytona Sensors SL-1. We also have simple LED lights that do not have any electronics in them, but are great for ignition systems that have a shift light output or warning light output.

Simple LED lights to intricate systems that allow multiple colors for different situations - We have it!

Schnitz Dual Stage Shift Light

This newest edition of shift lights incorporates a dual function launch/shift indicator capable of 20,000 RPM! This model allows the user to set a desired launch rpm, upper and lower launch limits, pulse/rev, and shift point setting.

Connect the auxiliary output wire up to your air shifter and you've got a completely automatic shifter! The digital display and simple push buttons make it easy to program.

 Schnitz Single Stage Shift Light

This Single Stage Shift Light features a RISC processor for extreme precision and easy user interface. Simply turn the two rotary RPM switches for the desired setting, select the cylinder setting to match your vehicle and cycle the power. The new settings are then stored in memory.

Dimensions: 3.125" long x 0.75" diameter. The most compact shift light of any manufacturer!

 Schnitz LED Shift/Warning Light

This Warning Light is a simple 2-wire, 7 LED indicator. Use it to indicate various engine conditions or replace a bulky shift light. It can be used with any RPM activated switch for a remote shift light setup or can be used with existing electronics with a "shift light" output.

There are no electronics inside the this light to read rpm. This is only an indicator.