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ECU Reflashing

ECU Reflashing

Posted by Kevin Williams on 5th Nov 2014

We offer ECU Reflashing for a number of sportbikes to eliminate speed limiters, sluggish acceleration and peak power reduction.  We've gotten some question about this that we'd like to answer.

Q - Will have need to have my bike re-tuned?

A - No.  As we make adjustments to the ignition tables and secondary buttery tables we also adjust the fuel tables to compensate for those changes.  Your existing Power Commander map does not require adjustments.

Q - Can I removed my previously installed TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator)

A - Yes.  We adjust the ignition and fuel tables withing the ECU now and the TRE is no longer required.

Q - Should I remove my secondary butterflys?

A - No.  We've adjusted the secondary butterflys to open more aggressively and stay open if required.

Q - Will I still benefit from an ECU Reflash even if I have a TRE and have removed my secondary butterflys?

A - Yes.  You will still gain +500rpm to help with acceleration and if you have a gear indicator on the factory dash, it will work as it should after our reflash and removal of the TRE.

Q - Why is your flash so inexpensive compared to others?

A - We sell aftermarket performance parts and want to see those parts perform as they should.  Having a restricted ECU will not give you the power gains you expect.  We invested into ECU reflashing to help ensure our customers get the proper gains from our parts, without having to go to an outside source that focuses on ECU flashing as their only income.

Q - What is the turnaround time?

A - Typically less than 24 hours.  Some ECU's may require 1-2 days.