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When Kawasaki released the ZX14 in 2006 they invited Ryan Schnitz and Rickey Gadson to the press release to show just how fast the ZX14 was on the drag strip. Ryan was also privileged enough to fly out to Arizona in the fall of 2005 to track test a ZX14 for Kawasaki on a pre-production unit.  After nearly 80 passes in one day Ryan had a huge blister on his toe from all the shifting, but not once did they need to adjust the clutch or even look at it. It was then that we knew the ZX14 was going to be a huge hit for drag racers.

Jump ahead 6 years at the updated ZX14R is equally impressive with its 4mm increased stroke and advanced ECU. Horsepower is incredibly good. But again, we're racers so good is never good enough. So check out all these great power adding engine parts and let us help you Stay in FRONT!