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The Kawasaki ZX14 has the best clutch of any hyper-sportbike. This thing can really take a beating. When the ZX14 was first introduced in 2006 we made 80 laps on one in a single day and never popped the clutch cover off! As with any motorcycle clutch, wear and tear will happen and your riding style will determine how long it will last. Back to back passes are always the hardest on the clutch because of all the heat generated with little time for it to dissipate. Allowing 15-20 minutes between passes at a minimum is always recommended. Plus it gives you time to reflect on the pass and see how you can improve on the next one.

As great as the ZX14 clutch is, we always want better. We've selected the best clutch components we know work and have them here for you to review. Heavy duty clutch springs are recommended any nitrous application. The Brock's Performance clutch mod also allows smoother clutch disengagement for that drag race style launch.