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EK ThreeD Motorcycle Chain

EK ThreeD Chain from Schnitz Racing

EK Chain set out to design a chain that was as elegant and beautiful as it was strong.

The first thing you'll notice about the ThreeD Chain is it's formed outer side plates.  They have a curved form that helps to reduce weight.  The centers of the plates have a recessed rectangular stamping that adds an eye popping appeal.  The inner side plates feature lightening holes and rounded edges to further reduce mass and put more power to the pavement.

Along with its dynamic shape comes an elegant finish.  ThreeD Chains are available in Chrome/Nickel, Black/Gold or Full Gold finish that really makes this chain stand out from others

It's elegance is matched only by it's strength.  11,400lbs of tensile strength to be exact.  That's enough to handle any motorcycle on the street. 

The QX2 X-Rings that are featured in the ThreeD Chain have a better wear-resistance than standard QX-Rings by 30%.  This more efficient design results in a chain that transfers 1% more power and torque to the rear wheel.

EK Chain 530Z 3D X-Ring 3D Inner Plates with Lightening Holes 3D Pins with Lightening Holes in the Ends EK Chain 530Z 3D X-Ring
3D Premium Chain 3D Premium Chain 3D Premium Chain 3D Premium Chain