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Motec M130 ECU Kit

Motec M130

Motec M130 Plug and Play Kit

The MoTeC M130 Plug-In ECU Kit is a fully programmable, direct replacement for the factory ECU.  No re-wiring necessary; the adapter kit plugs into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors, fuel system and coils.


  • Latest generation high performance processor
  • Large logging memory, fast Ethernet downloads
  • Compact and lightweight in robust magnesium enclosure
  • Supports direct injection and port injection applications
  • Supports advanced logging features including Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)
  • Advanced security system, incorporating an anti-tampering microprocessor
  • Access log-in levels for multiple users

Standard features include controls for:

  • Progressive Nitrous (up to 2 stages wet or dry)
  • Boost Control
  • Shift Light
  • Full Staged Injection
  • Lambda Control (air/fuel ratio - closed loop)
  • Knock Control
  • Data Logging (100 channels at 10hz standard)
  • Shift Control - Auto Shift and Gear Change Cut (engine kill)
*Note - Although the M130 does control the above features, additional components are required and are not included in the ECU kit. (Sold Seperatly)
  • Boost Solenoid required for Boost Control
  • Knock Sensor, Fuel Pressure or Nitrous Pressure sensor required for Knock input control
  • Electric or Pneumatic Shifter required for Auto Shifting.
  • Gear Shift Lever Pressure switch or Push Button required for Gear Change Cut (engine kill)
The M130 System is upgradeable.  You can expand the system to add additional sensors such as:

  • Wheel Speed
  • Clutch Speed
  • Shock Position
  • Nitrous Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Air Tank Pressure
  • Crankcase Pressure
  • Track Temp
  • Tire Temp
  • Oil Temp
  • Fuel Temp
Data Logging is upgradable to the following levels:

  • Level 2 - 200hz sample rate of up to 200 channels (recommended)
  • Level 3 - 1000hz sample rate of up to 2000 channels

Available for:

  • Kawasaki ZX14 (06-15)
  • Suzuki GSXR1000 (05-08)
  • Suzuki Hayabusa (02-15)
Remote Tuning allows us to connect to your laptop and ECU from any location with internet service to assist in tuning, setup and data review!  We will provide up to 2 hours of remote tuning service with the purchase of the ECU.  Additional support is always available.
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