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Heatshield Products

Heatshield Products

US made heat shield protection, to make your ride a cooler one. In addition to rider comfort, you can improve performance and shield vital components from heat damage. Performance cooling products for air boxes, ram air tubes, fuel tanks, fuel cells, fuel lines, oil lines, seats, fairings and more.

Heat shield barriers act as a thermal barrier to stop radiant heat, they are placed usually 1” away from the heat source on the “hot side".

The most common type of radiant barrier is aluminum combined with a fiberglass, silica, or ceramic insulation. Be leery of any company advertising aluminum heat shield barriers that have a contact rating to 2000°F (or higher), aluminum melts at 1120°F. If you had a 2000°F heat source 2" away with a lot of air flow, an aluminized barrier still might work.Air gaps and air flow are huge factors when using a heat shield barrier. With the right combination of an aluminized barrier, air gap, and air flow, most aluminized fiberglass barriers are capable of reflect over 90% of radiant heat away.

If the application has less than 1”of an air gap between the heat sources or has some direct contact points, these aluminized barriers are only good for temperatures of 500°F, and might only stop 50% or less of the radiant heat.  Lava rock barriers (basalt) are another good product for reflecting radiant heat away. While basalt may not reflect as much heat as the aluminized heat barriers, they will perform more efficiently when you less than 1" of airspace between the heat source and limited airflow. Products like our Lava Mat can sustain the 1200°F continuous and actually stop more heat than an aluminized product in the less than 1" environments.

**ALERT** Buyer Beware of some gold heat shield barriers! The market has been dominated by gold heat shield barriers have no textile combined with the Mylar foil. In fact, if you were to peel them apart, you would find a vinyl sticker behind the gold. In most cases you could put and adhesive backing on aluminum foil and get close to the same results as the gold vinyl combination, and save yourself a boat load of money.



   Fuel Tank, Air Box, Fairing with a 1" air gap from heat source  HP Heatshield Mat   Good
 Lava Shield  Better
 Thermaflect Cloth   Best
   Fuel Tank, Air Box, Fairing under 1" air gap from heat source  Lava Shield   Good
 Lava Shield  Better
 Lava Shield HD (0.025" thick)   Best