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The Starting Line: Volume 2 - Issue 5

The Starting Line

The Starting Line is a biweekly column for our Sportsman drag racers brought to you by Schnitz Racing. Every other week we will feature a frequently asked question and have it answered by a panel of experienced sportsman racers, led by Ben Knight. Having questions answered by multiple racers will give our new racers several perspectives on the information they want.

August 31tst, 2015

How do some racers make it down the track when they look like they are looking at their tank the whole way down?

(This question is inspired by Boo Brown)

Boo Brown

Ben Knight


I’ve been trying to get Boo Brown to teach me this for the last three years, but he’s still holding out on me!  The master will have to explain that one.



“The force is strong with this one”                                                                                     



It’s always good to get your bike to operating temperature before blasting it wide open down the 1/4 mile! It will help the motor live longer to say the least!

-Good Luck, be safe!



Peripheral vision, but in reality, the best position is to be tucked up under all your fairing to be as aerodynamic as possible. Its actually very interesting to go to the starting line to watch the different positions racers have. Some start sitting straight up and then tuck under their fairing as soon as they take off. Others start all tucked under their fairing and stay in that position. I have to tell you one of the best at staying tucked is Rickey Gadson, if you ever get the chance to watch him race in person, go to the starting line when he is racing and you will see him start in one position and you will see he does not move his upper body at all until he crosses the finish line, its pretty neat. That is what I try to do but it never really seems to happen, I tend to move all over the bike as I try to pull my feet up to the pegs, which isn’t good as it can throw your pass off by sending the bike in a different direction

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