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The Starting Line: Volume 1 - Issue 2

February 24, 2014

How do I decide what class to enter? Most tracks have a street class and pro bike class but I sometimes see street bikes racing in the pro bike class with the bar bikes.

JanieAsk yourself what modifications do I have to my bike; if you have none, the Street Bike class is a good class to start with. If you have added wheelie bars, delay box, slick tire, you will be forced to enter pro bike. Street Bikes tend to enter pro bike for another chance to run down the track and probably aren't intimidated by the delay box, wheelie bars and slicks. 

DustinIf you race a street bike I think street classes are a must and pro class is a ‘depends’. In the Mirock series a pro bike is a no box class so street bikes have the same odds as the bar bike guys. However there are times you will see a street bike in a pro bike class that allows delay boxes and usually this is someone that’s been racing for quite some time or someone wanting more passes. If you have a bike with slick and wheelie bars then probike is the class for you because street classes are for street legal bikes. Hope this helps good luck and be safe!! 

JerryPart of this depends on what kind of bike you’re bringing to the track. I’ve met first time racers that rode their street bike to the track. I’ve also met racers that just bought a big slick, wheelie bar bike because it was really cool and wanted to learn how to race. If you’re bringing a street bike and don’t have a lot of experience, I would suggest entering the street ET class at least for the first few races until you get comfortable racing. If your bike has a slick and/or wheelie bars, then you’ll probably be entering the pro ET class. Check the rules of each class for each racing organization and track that you want to race. They can differ between what’s allowed in each class. You may have bought a bike with a delay box. That is allowed at some tracks but is not allowed at other tracks. You’ll typically see a lot of street bikes competing in Pro ET classes at tracks/organizations that do not allow delay boxes like the MIROCK series. You’ll see fewer street bikes competing in Pro ET classes that allow delay boxes like NHDRO and Manufacturer’s Cup.

BenThat will depend on what type of bike you have. You’ll definitely want to enter an ET class, but it would depend on your equipment. If you have a street bike than choose Street ET, if you have a drag bike (wheelie bars) then choose Pro ET. There will be plenty of friendly racers around who can help you determine the best class too. Don't be affraid to ask questions.

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