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BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel 6.25 x 17 Kawasaki ZX10R (04-09)

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  • SIZE: 6.25" x 17"
  • WEIGHT: 9.5 lbs. (4.323 kg) with sprocket carrier and hardware (without sprocket)
    Add 1.05 lbs. (0.476 kg) with Worldwide Bearings ceramic bearings
    Add 1.15 lbs. (0.521 kg) with Worldwide Bearings steel bearings
  • STATIC LOAD RATING: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • MATERIALS: Carbon fiber and aluminum
  • STYLE: Slanted, five-spoke configuration
  • VALVE STEMS: BST Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) 90-degree, aluminum stems and caps
  • APPROVALS: DOT for street use - MIROCK Pro Street and Real Street Approved
  • FITMENT: 04-09 Kawasaki ZX10R Direct OEM replacement - Aftermarket sprocket required

Performance - Weighing between 40 and 60 percent less than OEM wheels, BST wheels bestow sportbikes with sharper corner-carving abilities, faster acceleration, and quicker braking by weighing less than their production-bike counterparts. Lighter wheels are also easier for suspension systems to control over bumps and irregular surfaces, yielding more traction and unimpeded acceleration. Less rotating mass also equals less rider fatigue.

A lighter rear wheel is easier for the shock to control properly, which leads to superior power application and much higher trap speeds in competition and track days.

Design - Using high-tech processes pioneered in the aerospace industry, BST wheels are manufactured in a single molding operation. This technique produces a wheel that is far superior in strength and much lighter than any aluminum or magnesium wheel, and one that is light and strong enough for racing and street use.

BST wheels are a unique monococque (single unit) design with hollow spokes. The end result is wheels with unsprung weight reduced 40-60 percent compared to stock wheels. This delivers the lowest possible moment of inertia, a critical factor that affects all aspects of motorcycle performance.

Maximizing the molecular and structural properties of carbon fiber, BST has reduced spoke and rim weight without compromising their strength. Mass is therefore concentrated in the hub, reducing rotational inertia. This results in quicker acceleration and braking, allowing faster corner entry and exit speeds.

Manufacturing - BST designs the tooling, molds, wheel and hubs, then manufactures them in its state-of-the-art factory. Precision cutting machines, like those used in the aeronautical industry, ensure that the process is repeatable and meets the highest certification standards. BST uses only the finest “prepreg” carbon fiber, which is embedded in a top-secret resin matrix epoxy. Carbon-fiber layup is done in a dust-free and temperature-controlled “clean room.” The wheels are cured in a superheated steam oven, or autoclave, at 260 degrees and 85 psi. This produces the best material compaction and smoothest surface finish. Every step of this process is logged, the entire history of each wheel is stored and stamped with a unique serial number. To ensure the highest quality manufacturing processes and components, BST’s entire operation is managed under strict, new ISO 9002 standards.

About BST - Established in 1992, BST is based near Johannesburg, South Africa. BST engineers and manufactures the world's finest carbon fiber motorcycle components from wheels and frames to fuel tanks and fenders, to the highest international standards. The standard equipment wheels on Confederate and Norton motorcycles, BST was also chosen to provide wheels and produce the carbon-fiber frame on the radical MotoCyz project. On the world stage, BST wheels have been proven at every level of FIM Grand Prix roadracing competition and have won 12 national championships. BST has sold more than 8,000 carbon fiber wheels around the world.


Schnitz Racing recommends Vortex sprockets for all BST applications but any sprocket that has the following measurements will work: 5 (10mm holes) with a PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) of 100mm and a sprocket ID of 76mm. 

Based in the USA, Vortex has been manufacturing top quality racing components since 1995. Owned and operated by motorcycle racers, they focus on absolute quality. Each of their race components are made to the tightest tolerances with the best quality materials for the application. Vortex tests on the track with direct feedback from top professional race teams worldwide.

  • Improves performance by reducing the drive system's rotating mass
  • Lightweight 7075 T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Precision CNC machined individually for tightest tolerances
  • Ideal tooth design for perfected chain hold and release
  • Choose from 33 tooth through 49 tooth rear sprocket
  • Available for use with a 520, 525, and 530 chain

Replaceable Hubs - The hubs are attached to the wheels using a unique fastening system that combines high-tech aerospace fasteners, mechanical locking mechanisms and super-high-strength aerospace adhesive. In the event of rim damage the hub can typically be salvaged and the carbon rim replaced at a substantial savings over purchasing a new wheel.

90-Degree Valve Stems - All BST wheels come with aluminum 90-degree valve stems that are not only easy to access, but keep centrifugal force from opening their Schrader valves and deflating tires during high-speed operation. Track tested up to 274 mph.

Testing - BST products have undergone decades of research, development, testing and the most stringent certifications processes. They’ve been flogged at Rim Technology, Eurotype Test Centre and have passed all lab and street tests for certification from Germany’s TüV to the U.S. Department of Transportation, with flying colors.

BST wheels have been proven internationally at every level of FIM Grand Prix roadrace competition and in winning 12 championship titles around the world.

Warranty Information

Blackstone TEK. ("BST") warrants each new BST carbon fiber wheel to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase. This warranty applies only to wheels purchased new from an Authorized BST Retailer.

Unless otherwise provided, the sole remedy under the above warranty, or any implied warranty, is limited to the replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value at the sole discretion of BST. Unless within the free 60-day repair labor period, you will be responsible for labor or shipping costs associated with warranty replacements. IN NO EVENT SHALL BST OR ITS NORTH AMERICAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR (BROCK’S PERFORMANCE) BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR ECONOMIC LOSSES, WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT, WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE, PRODUCT LIABILITY, OR ANY OTHER THEORY. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. THE ABOVE WARRANTY, OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, DOES NOT COVER NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. ALL WARRANTIES ARE VOID IF THE WHEELS ARE MODIFIED FROM ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION OR THE WHEEL IS USED FOR OTHER THAN NORMAL ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, FAILING TO FOLLOW THE OWNER'S MANUAL OR USING THE WHEELS FOR COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES OR IN COMPETITIVE EVENTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MOTORCYCLE RACING, MOTOCROSS RACING, STUNT RIDING, RAMP JUMPING OR SIMILAR ACTIVITIES, AND TRAINING FOR SUCH ACTIVITIES OR EVENTS. BST MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THAT OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES STATED ABOVE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


Blackstone TEK. ("BST") offers racing wheels for sale only upon the conditions and the terms contained in this disclaimer of liability and indemnity. Due to many varied and different conditions which Blackstone TEK. ("BST") wheels are exposed and because of the manner in which racing is conducted, Blackstone TEK. ("BST") makes absolutely no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or of merchantability in connection with any offer of sale of Blackstone TEK. ("BST") Racing Wheels. “Blackstone TEK ("BST") Racing Wheels are sold as is." For more information on racing applications, call Brock’s Performance at 937-912-0054.


Application/Misuse: All BST carbon fiber wheels are designed for a specific purpose and are labeled with load ratings on each wheel. Consult with an authorized agent for specific fitment and application. Utilizing BST wheels in any form outside of their intended use constitutes misuse of the product and can cause SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. BST wheels are designed and manufactured for street use and carry DOT approval. Use in extreme sports including, but not limited to, modified motorcycles in excess of 450 hp, jet or rocket powered applications, stunt riding, drag racing, land speed racing or any other extreme use, are not recommended and are done so at the owner’s/rider’s own risk.


BST strictly forbids the use of its carbon fiber wheels for fitment applications other than stated for in the owner’s manual. For a complete list of fitment application by bike call Brock’s Performance at 937-912-0054. Failure to comply with this warning could result in premature or catastrophic wheel failure and may result in SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH.


Tire Mounting Instructions: Only skilled personnel using proper tools and procedures should perform tire mounting. Failure to follow safe mounting procedures could cause faulty positioning of the tire and cause the assembly to burst with explosive force sufficient to cause SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. Clean rim and lubricate beads with an approved rubber lubricant such as Ru-Glyde. When using a tire machine, always follow manufacturer’s safety instructions. Always use a clip on chuck, an in-line valve with a pressure gauge or adjustable regulator, and remote inflation/deflation device. Have enough air hose to stay out of the trajectory and wear eye protection. For Tire Mounting Instructional Videos visit: BrocksPerformance.com > Customer Service > Product Information > BST Wheel Information > BST Wheel Tire Installation – Part 1 ~ Part 3

Does my BST 2 year manufacturer’s warranty cover road hazards, crash damage, or theft?

1. Pothole Damage – D.O.T. Claim by State: Most states have a fund set up specifically to address these types of issues. It’s an uphill battle to collect in most instances, but it is possible. Document pothole ASAP (immediately and safely before it is filled, etc...) Photograph and detail with as much info. as possible i.e. location, size, depth (show a tape measure in the hole,) etc.

2. Pothole/Road Hazard/Curb/Etc... – Insurance Claim: The job of insurance is to repair your vehicle to its previous condition ‘before the accident.’ If you carry a collision policy, companies like State Farm will usually consider striking a large pothole/curb (or other type of road hazard) a collision, and repair or replace your damaged wheels. The key is complete documentation. Keep all receipts showing purchase date, installation date, value, etc... Take photos and videos of your bike and wheels. Store them in a safe place (even send copies to your insurance agent.) Notify your insurance company of your modifications before you go for a ride. If you don’t give them any excuses, the process can be far less frustrating.

3. Stolen: See Note 2… If your bike is customized, it is your responsibility to prove the value of your customization and that that your work is current. If you are unable to do so at the time of your claim, they will work off of NADA book value.

4. Please note that all BST wheels are marked with a unique serial number and mfg. date. Document your front and rear numbers for reference.

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